Toyota promises self-driving cars by 2020

As technology advances and we all become more safety aware, Toyota have promised self-driving cars in the future.

By the time Tokyo hosts the Olympic Games in 2020, Toyota says there will be driverless cars on the streets of the Japanese capital – and this innovative technology can’t come soon enough.

It has been estimated by safety experts that 90% of road fatalities come as a result of driver error; last year, 1.3 million people died on the world’s roads. Driverless cars could save lives, as well as offer convenience and potential cost-savings for users.

Toyota is already on the road in the race to driverless car technology, having been working on autonomous driving technology for several years – the Japanese car giant now has test cars on the streets of Japan.

Toyota’s ‘Highway Teammate’ will use a combination of laser, radar, sensors and cameras to get you safely to your destination when a button on the steering wheel is pressed that can be engaged on the motorway. Once in operation and heading to the destination entered in the satellite navigation system, the car takes over the steering, braking, acceleration, indicating and changing lanes, so you can sit back and relax.

At the forefront of the motoring revolution with autonomous technology, Toyotas will be driverless on Tokyo’s roads in just a few years.

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